Saturday, June 30, 2012

July 2012

No, it is not July yet, but tomorrow is July 1st and my grandson's 3rd birthday party.  I cannot believe that child will be 3 years old on Monday!!!  Where does the time go?  I will tell you where it goes, it goes fast.
I finally spent some time in my sewing room today.  I have a weekend pretty much to myself, no major plans and what happens???  A nasty, and I mean nasty cold creeped up on me so I have been pretty much on the couch with a warm quilt and the remote to the TV.  The good thing is that I got caught up on about 30 hours of DVR'd programs.  Bad thing is I don't remember most of what I watched and I did not get the time I wanted in my sewing room.  However, today I feel much better, still have a froggy voice but feeling much better so I did  venture to the dungen.  I actually spent about 2 hours going through stuff just sitting on the floor and in the way.  I did get through most of the things I wanted out of the way. 
Now to find a way to organize what I do want to keep.  That seems to be a never ending chore for me.  Makes me wonder if I really need all the books, magazines and gadgets.  If I have not touched them in the past year do I REALLY need them?????????
Seems to be the question of the day.
Today I also finished doing the applique' on my block O quilt.  I will need to purchase batting after vacation, get it sandwiched on in the frame for quilting.

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