Friday, May 4, 2012

May 2012

WOW has it really been 2 months since I posted?  Returned this past week from a retreat in Amish country and had a BLAST with all the ladies.  Missed a few people that were not there and talked to some gals I have either not met in the past or never made it to their tables to chat.

Spent some time shopping and of course eating.........never a lack of food around there!!!  I always come home with an extra pound or two!!! 

I did manage to actually sew a few items and have the most fun laughing with friends, old and new.

I think the time away helped me get my quilting mojo back.  This past year and a half has just put my world in a tailspin but as things are back to normal it's time to get it back into gear.  Lots of UFO's waiting to be completed and new projects started.

The goal I have for this month is 30 minutes a day in the quilt studio (yes that's what I call my mess) to tidy up, organize, slash stash and find things I am sure I have forgotten all about.  I am actually planning on making a list of UFO's and new projects so that I have some kind of an idea what I am working on and the progress I am making.  I have tried to do this on my blog but having it in front of my eyes on paper seems to help me best.  There are so many new things I want to do so I need to tackle the unfinished!!

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