Saturday, February 18, 2012

Is Spring Here????????

As I sit here typing this and checking out what my fellow bloggers are up to I am enjoying the sun that is shinning in the back windows as well as listening to the birds chirp....YES there are birds outside chirping.

It has been a tough week.  Someone that means the world to me has been having some health issues and their preference is to push people away and deal with it on their own.  It's very sad but you cannot make people think the way you think.  I would think during hard times you would want to pull your friends and family close but I guess some deal better alone.  Sad but nothing you can do but hope they will be ok.

So on to what Spring is bringing for me.  My cousin and I are going to the movies later but until then it's back to the basement for laundry and scrap management.  I never knew how many scraps I had until I started sorting them........boxes full but not nearly the boxes that others I know have. 

It's also time to pack for a couple of retreats coming up over the next several weeks.  It will be good to be out and about with so many wonderful ladies.

Spring also means it's time to get moving.  Since my thyroid treatment 2 years ago my weight has skyrocketed out of control and it is time for me to regain control.  So spring will bring loads of food changes and exercise.....yes that nasty word...EXERCISE.  I actually found my old Sweatin' to the Oldies by Richard Simmons...laugh if you will but he sure gets your butt moving and makes it FUN.
My "realistic" goal is 50 pounds off by August 2 so that I can buy myself a beautiful new outfit to celebrate my 51st birthday with a wonderful man that I hope to find between now and then :-) tired of doing life alone.........he must love quilts though!!!!

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