Saturday, December 3, 2011

December already

Well the part time job is DONE so today I get to actually play in my quilt room.  Filter my way through it would probably be a more accurate statement.  It was a little more picked up and then it was time to dig out the Christmas decorations.  The "basement" part of the downstairs is on the other side of the family room which is my quilt studio.  I have to drag the totes of decorations in that room to have better lighting to see what I am can imagine the mess that makes :-)
My New Year's goal is to be more oganized at putting the Christmas decorations away in a more organized manner.  There are about 12 totes and I usually have no idea what is in the totes.  That will be taken care of this season which also means I will go through all the totes and weed out the things I no longer use. 
To the room to organize .....

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