Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

It will only come once in this lifetime...........11/11/11.  My heartfelt "thank you's" go out to all who have served, including my two brothers, father, cousins, uncles, grandpas and numerous friends.
I am spending a few days in TN while my mom undergoes a chemo treatment.  I brought a quilt top I am piecing to work on.  Did not get much done...but enough to make me feel like I actually accomplished something.
Spoke to my son who had a follow up doctor appointment.  It seems his leg as seen it's shadow so there is 6 more weeks of IV antibiotics and the leg walking, weight baring or anything.  It puts alot of things on hold for him again but I agree with the doc that with all the problems he has had this is the best.  It will promote more healing and stability.
Off to do some work.  Brought a little with me to try and get the part time job is almost done...yeah!  About 10-12 more hours of work and it will be DONE!!!  The hospital project is also DONE so life may actually get a little bit back to normal around the first of the year...yeah.

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