Saturday, October 29, 2011

End of October

Where did the year go?  Where did winter and summer go?  Now fall is upon us and will soon turn into winter.  It seems my past year has come and gone in a blur.  My son is finally on his way to recovery which is absolutely and finally time.  He is no where near healed and ready to be on his own 100% yet but there is much improvement which is a good thing.  His leg is looking better.  I know there is at least 1 maybe 2 more surgeries ahead for him but that really is a good thing because it means the external hardware will come off and a graft will be done to cover all of the damaged area on the leg.  Major yet minor compared to what he has been dealing with and also the final healing point.

Between family issues and work I think my body finally hit the point of exhaustion this past week.  I thought my allergies were kicking up but ends up I had a really bad cold that worked it's way through my body so after 3 days off work and just kicking back at home in bed or on the couch with the TV remote and a bottle of NyQuil I started feeling better.

My poor quilt room has been neglected since Feburary so I finally ventured in there yesterday for about an hour or two.  Put a few things away and mainly sat in the chair staring.  I spent some time last year ridding the room of unwanted items and there is still just too much stuff and I am at a loss as to how to organize.  I had started scrap management which was going well but came to a small hault while dealing with the kid's injury.  Perhaps that is where I need to restart and just not worry about the rest???  Maybe one issue at a time is a good start???  My kids got me the nice 3 drawer storage system for my birthday as that is what I wanted.  The drawers are labeled and as I cut down I toss the strips into the drawers.  My mom also gave me a shelf she was going to toss out which fit perfectly out of the way and is just wide enough to stash FQ's.  My goal is that if it is yardage it gets organized by color, less than a yard gets a FQ cut out and the rest cut into strips of various sizes.

Off to a wedding with my cousin...I am her date :-)  Maybe when we are done I may venture to the quilt room again.


  1. Mags, hope your cold is gone for good. I sympathize with you about the QR. Same here. I've had to just put blinders on, go in and do my at least 15 minutes of quilting therapy and hope for the best. Prayers continue for you and your family.

  2. Ha....yes blinders would be good right now :-)

    And thank you for the prayers.