Friday, September 9, 2011

OMG I cannot believe it

I just cannot believe it has been over a month since I posted!!  Will need to fix that this weekend.  Life has been busy with work at work, work at home, spending time with the kids and grandbabies etc...\
I did make it to a small quilt show last week and will post some photos from that.  I gained inspiration so the desire to get back to the machine has bitten me.....

I have been busy trying to tidy up my quilt studio.  It is in the family room which is in the basement.   Lots of space but dark...even though there are windows.  It's cold in the winter and cool in the summer.  I had thought about moving things upstairs where there are more windows but the spare bedroom gets so warm in the summer months that it does not make sense to do this.

So the thought has crossed my mind to turn a tiny corner of the dining room into a sewing station.  Only the machine and a box lid with the blocks to be sewn can be there (those who know me know I cannot do the clutter).  Anyway, the stairs to the basement is off the dining room so it would work.  I could chain piece, go downstairs to iron then back up.  Not only would I be able to view the outside world from the french door but I would get the exercise from going up and down the stairs (which I need) AND some UFO's would get done...yeah!


  1. And people think quilters don't get enough exercise.

  2. I hear ya!!! They think we just sit on our behinds all day or fondle fabric (both appeal to me) but we do get up and down alot :-)