Friday, September 9, 2011

Mini Flower Garden

So this is my mini flower garden.  I have no idea how big or small it will end up to be.  When I get tired of working on the size will be determined.  The glare is kind of bad but I am not looking down my nose at a sunny 75 degree day....will take them all!!

One pic is how much I have done so far.  The other is my little pencil box I carry the goodies in.  My scraps, scissors, thread, needles and seam ripper all fit in this box and will fit into my purse for traveling when necessary.


  1. those are so cute, I know you love hand work as much as I do. I love my florida room because it is all windows but that makes it hot in the summer, but wonderful when the days start getting cooler and I can open the windows.

  2. I do love my hand work, however I have backed off from applique' and I don't know why. Nothing is calling to me to dive into. Maybe I just need to not worry about it and just do the hand piecing I want to do and work on some UFO's!!!
    Or maybe less stress would make me want to applique' again. It's tedious work for me and I just don't have time for it right now. Maybe come December when the elecronic conversion is over at work and my part time job is finished. Then applique' will call to me again.