Saturday, September 24, 2011

A completed project

My oldest son is back in the hospital yet again with another infection of the fracture that happened Super Bowl weekend way back in Feburary.  Poor kid just cannot catch a break.  He had surgery this past Thursday and is hooked up to a wound vac and a bunch of other tubes and hoses.  He will go back for more surgery on Monday to see of the wound can be closed and will hopefully go home Tuesday and will do 6 weeks of IV infustions 2 times a day .............just like the last time.  His spirits were pretty good Thursday but today he is a cranky boy so I am home to work and start cleaning my sewing room to keep my mind off things.  Work an hour...tidy an hour.....or that is at least the plan :-)

I have finished 2 scarves while sitting at the hospital.  I miss my quilting but yarn projects are so much easier to transport and are not so hard to put away if you have to jump when he "needs you" as he is completely immobile again.

The photo does not do the colors justice. The green is silk and varigated shades of green and a lemon green/yello color... very pretty with glass beeds and sequines spread throughout.  The blue one is lightly varigated and almost looks like denim.  It was for someone else but Ed watched me work on it and wants it so he will probably end up with it.

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  1. Sorry to hear of this new batch of surgeries. Will continue to pray, Mags. Those are lovely scraves.