Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!!

The holiday not only makes me think of all those who serve our country and gave their lives for our freedom.  There is always a moment of silence in my house to remember and give thanks.
July also make me think of CHRISTMAS..........yes I said it, Christmas in July.  The time when most crafters start holiday projects.  I have a few in mind but have not even thought about getting them started.  While my oldest son was in the hospital (the second time) I picked up yarn and needle again as quilting projects are just too cumbersome in a hospital room.  I completed an afgan for Shaylie Jo and started another large adult size cream colored afghan.  No idea how big it will be or who it will be for.  I think Ed's girlfriend Amanda was hinting that she would like to have it.  Does this mean I need to make two more for the Sheena and Kristin?  Probably :-)
Anyway, I started my fall quilt.  My goal is a quilt for every season to cover my bed.  I got one whole block done today...yeah!!  The pictures below are of the one block I completed as well as a picture from the pattern as to what the blocks will look like.  It will take 4 of the block I made to make one large block.  I am using scrappy batiks and a controled smooth creamy white background.

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