Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cool Sunday morning on the patio

My patio is almost where I want it.  Still seems to be missing something.  More flowers, another chair on the stoop by the french door......not sure.
Anyway, I enjoyed a quiet hour this morning while it was still cool outside and finished reading the "eat this not that" book.  Very interesting read.  It's amazing how much sodium, sugars and fillers are in our foods.

So this is my patio garden.  Any suggestions for what it may be missing would be greatly appreciated,  These are just pictures of the seating area.  There are 2 flower beds, one had a water fountain and hostas, the other has a hot house made out of old farmhouse windows, and  a pot of flowers.  The two seating areas are my largest venture............what is missing??????

1 comment:

  1. Having just seen your patio I didn't see anything missing. The pictures of the seating areas does look very plain but you need to include pictures of the flowers so people can see just how pleasant it must be sitting out there. I loved your patio.