Sunday, July 17, 2011

Scrappy Sunday

Hello blog world :-)
I spent the better part of last Sunday and this Sunday doing "scrap management" and while doing so I cut for a new block I ran across in an old magazine and fell in love with.  It's a scrappy hour glass.  There are 4 small hourglasses in th center of what I call a log cabin block.  It's from Bonnie Hunter so I am amazed I never saw it before.  Anyway, I was trying REALLY hard to not have any two pieces from the same fabric but since I was getting tired of cutting down there may be a few (no more than 2) pieces cut from maybe 5 difference fabrics.  I did them in different sizes so they will blend in.  I was going to lay out at least one block to get on the design wall and post but other things are calling so time in the sewing room needed to come to an end........I am usually in there during laundry time...which is done.
Off to clean the kitchen, tidy up the pantry......I have just been tossing things in there the past few weeks and it is driving me crazy.  Then I need to get veggies and fruits cut up for the work week.  After that I need to put about 2 hours in on the part time job...need to get that job done!!!

My son is up and walking which is good news.  He still has to wear his boot but at least he is mobile and can take care of himself.  I don't think a person ever thought a shower felt so good.  Poor kid.  Good thing is it frees up my time.............just in time for the hours at my real job to get crazy. Lots of changes, some I am NOT so happy about, until mid November.  Lots of thinking to do as work will never be the same as it was and I am not so sure I am happy about that.

Off to dice watermelon...yum!!  I hope to have a block done, or at least laid out next week to post.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cool Sunday morning on the patio

My patio is almost where I want it.  Still seems to be missing something.  More flowers, another chair on the stoop by the french door......not sure.
Anyway, I enjoyed a quiet hour this morning while it was still cool outside and finished reading the "eat this not that" book.  Very interesting read.  It's amazing how much sodium, sugars and fillers are in our foods.

So this is my patio garden.  Any suggestions for what it may be missing would be greatly appreciated,  These are just pictures of the seating area.  There are 2 flower beds, one had a water fountain and hostas, the other has a hot house made out of old farmhouse windows, and  a pot of flowers.  The two seating areas are my largest venture............what is missing??????

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!!

The holiday not only makes me think of all those who serve our country and gave their lives for our freedom.  There is always a moment of silence in my house to remember and give thanks.
July also make me think of CHRISTMAS..........yes I said it, Christmas in July.  The time when most crafters start holiday projects.  I have a few in mind but have not even thought about getting them started.  While my oldest son was in the hospital (the second time) I picked up yarn and needle again as quilting projects are just too cumbersome in a hospital room.  I completed an afgan for Shaylie Jo and started another large adult size cream colored afghan.  No idea how big it will be or who it will be for.  I think Ed's girlfriend Amanda was hinting that she would like to have it.  Does this mean I need to make two more for the Sheena and Kristin?  Probably :-)
Anyway, I started my fall quilt.  My goal is a quilt for every season to cover my bed.  I got one whole block done today...yeah!!  The pictures below are of the one block I completed as well as a picture from the pattern as to what the blocks will look like.  It will take 4 of the block I made to make one large block.  I am using scrappy batiks and a controled smooth creamy white background.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Jukly 4th weekend

I started my holiday weekend at Ann Fry's.  It was wonderful to spend to days with her.  Irene paid us a visit on Friday so we shopped, sewed and had a GREAT taco salad from one of Holmesville's fine pizza shops.  Today is visit grandbaby day and meet up with another friend (Mel) who will deliver a wonderful bag of Half Square Triangles to me for a swap we are doing.
Will write more fuzzy mind needs some tea and breakfast.