Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday updates

Well I have already lapsed on my "design wall Sunday".  I am behind :-(   One picture is of rows A&B of Dear Jane.  I planned to have more done over the weekend but that didn't happen.......and it's OK.  I also managed to purchase about 6 yards of neutrals (we can alway use them...right???)  The price was too good to pass up. And well..........I also bought about 7 yards of Civil War repos but the price was too good as well.  All purchases were $2.29-$2.99 a yard.  Just could not leave them behind.   I also came home to some yummy strawberries on my plants.  They are starting to populate and ripen.  Just enough for my cereal in the mornings.........or at night.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My lazy scrappy Sunday

Today has been spent being extremely lazy ......well I did do one load of laundry and will need to make dinner and wash dishes.........but I really have played in my fabric and enjoyed myself today AND I am still in my jammies!!!  I did sweep the storm debri up in my jammies this morning though :-)

Below is a box of scraps sent to me by a gal from stashbusters ...thank you Barbara!!!  I have to decide what I want to do with them.  I have made many quilts but two that I have always wanted and have yet to do are a log cabin and irish chain.  I would like to make my entire quilt from the scraps (how cool would that be) so it may be a log cabin.

What do you think?????????

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dear Jane Yahoo Group

Happy Saturday to all my quilting buddies!!

I have opened a yahoo group site for the Janeaholics who want to start, finish or just admire the beautiful exciting quilt.  I started mine in 2003 and have 90 of the center blocks done which I think leaves me 79 more blocks to do as well as ALL the triangles and corners.  I may copy my friend Vickie and make the triangles for the rows as I go so I can start putting it together and admire the progress.

Anyone is welcome to join.  You can look us up at:

dearjanergals on the yahoo groups tab.

Friday, June 3, 2011


I see goals that most of my friends have posted.  I had them.........once :-)

Since the winter and spring have pretty much vanished for me with little to no progress I think I will change to fiscal year plans.....ha.....the fiscal year runs July through June.

I shall have my 2011-2012 goals defined by July 1st...yeah

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dear Jane

So this quilt shall be done!!  It has been in "progress" since 2003.  I am insanely trying to organize my sewing room and the first thing on the list is to get some sort of order in the UFO department.  This beauty is first on the list of must regroup and finish.   I like to have a quilt in the frame, an applique' project and piecing project going at the same time.  It keeps me from going insane with one project as well as my moods change as to what I want to work on.  And there is probably some sort of yarn projects as well.

When I laid all the blocks out this is what I have so far.  Time to organize the box and dig in..........anyone can join and start their own :-) Oh BTW I am using Civil War repos.