Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Project Management

Well today brings MORE work but this part time job will bring a little extra cash in for those "necessary" items AND I am trying not to spend it on fabric :-)  I have goals so it makes it a little easier to spend my down time working.

However, my goal in the sewing room today is project management.  I figure if I do one work audit, tackle one UFO then by the time the sun goes down I will have achieved something in all arenas of my life today.  It is not to work on th UFO but rather to get them under some sort of order.  I recently read a book on organzing the quilt room and WISH I had written the name and author to share but didn't, however I did take notes.

The plan is to pull each UFO out...regardless of the stage it is in.  Stare at it and then decide if it stays or goes.  This even includes some of those JoAnn Fabric blocks of the month from 10 years ago sitting in totes.  If the project still calls to me it will go on a tracking chart I plan to design for myself using some hints from the book I read.  If it no longer calls to me it will either be given away/donated or tossed into the scrap bin to be included in scrap management. 

Everyone enjoy their Sunday.  I just turned the AC on as it's going to be a warm one today and I don't want to sweat on my fabric :-)

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