Friday, May 13, 2011

May Flowers

Well the April showers sure did bring alot of May flowers............and more showers :-)  as I sit here typing it is starting to rain.  It's ok. I  think we actually went through 3 days without rain and as I planted flowers today I REALLY wanted some rain. 

I have completed my Album of Memories center block.  It was so large I decided it was going to end up as a wallhanging instead of a full quilt.  As beautiful as the entire quilt is and as much as I LOVE the hand work of applique' the quilt just wasn't talking to me anymore.  I believe if you are going to quilt something you should like/love it.  Anyway, it is bound and on the wall. ....yeah.

I think tomorrow is a "me day" appointments that I know of so I plan to do some a little work (business work not the fun work) and mix in a little quilting.  I am working on a new wallhanging for my dining room.  It will have 4-6 blocks that have applique' stems, leaves and grapes......I think with the Tuscan theme in the kitchen and dining room it will blend in nicely.  So I need to get the blocks and borders cut then work in the bias for the stems and all 680 little grapes :-)  yeah.........TV work that little chore will be.


  1. Your Album of Memories wall hanging is gorgeous. I am looking forward to seeing your Tuscan wall hanging too. You do such great works of art, that I feel motivated to do some applique work myself. I am just afraid it will not look as wonderful as yours.

  2. That is so beautiful! Like Bianca I'm looking forward to seeing your Tuscan piece. Is this your own design. I like all your work.