Saturday, May 28, 2011

End of May

Well the end of May is here and not much has been accomplished.  My son was back in the hospital last week.  The fracture has healed but once the swelling went down there was a lump.  The lump, muscle and bone were biopsied.  Biopsy came back with an infection in the bone.  I don't need to tell you how that went.  Long hospital stay and he is now home with 6 weeks of antibiotic infusions twice a day.  I am not sure how he is staying patient through this ordeal.

Enough of that bandwagon!!

Anyway, I have started my grapevine wallhanging that will go in my dining room.  I really did not want to start anything new but there are two projects I HAD to start.  The grapevine needs to be completed because as some point I want to redecorate my dining room and this will be the focal point.  I am a little unhappy that my vines ended up wider than I wanted but I think it will till be OK.........I am not taking it apart :-)  My goal is to get some grapes on it this weeken and will then post a photo.

The second project is Shaylie Jo's quilt.  My new granddaughter cannot wait until I am done with the 5000 UFO's haunting me so her projects needs to get underway as well.  I don't have to tell you to wait until you are rested to cut fabric.  I was so excited that the blocks were cut.  I laid them out and realized I cut half the blocks at 4.5 x 4 inches instead of 4,5 x 4.5 NEVER cut when you are tired.  So a weekend goal (after much needed work is done) is to cut them all to 4 x 4.  It will be OK as the size can adjust.  It will be a scrappy background of brights with white daisy's appliqued'.  I got the idea when Hunter picked out a pink rabbit with white daisy's as her "welcome baby sister" present.

So to work I go.  I have a few audits to get done and will then treat myself to an hour of quilting...then a few more audits.............that's the game plan for the weekend.

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