Friday, March 18, 2011

Completed Projects

I finally had time to download two of my latest completed projects.  The quilt is Bonnie Hunter's mystery from November 2009 called Carolina Christmas.  It was supposed to have borders but I was done cutting and sewing fabric.  As it is so big anyway I  figure it just didn't matter.

The crochet afghan is for Shaylie Jo.  My granddaughter who is making her entrance to the world 4/21/2011.  I will get a quilt made for her and have the pattern picked out.  I just have not had the time to work on it with everything going on.  A ball of yarn and hook is so much easier to cart around than a box of quilt notions, fabric etc....


  1. Oh I love the Carolina Christmas without borders. Looks great!

    That is a lovely afghan. Baby's going to love it. Mom, too.

  2. I love both. You did a great job (as always).

  3. Both look great!!!! Now if you ever decide you don't like that quilt anymore, let me know, I will take it.
    Your Baby Afghan is very pretty too. It looks so soft. Baby Shailie will have wonderful dreams cuddled in this one.

  4. they both look great. keep up the good work