Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where has the time gone???

I have not just got in the way.

Not much to post....tired is not even a word I know how to say at the moment.  My middle son, Joe, had surgery on Friday February 4 for a bulging C-6-7 disc.......he was released Saturday February 5 and we got him all tucked in at home where his wife could care for him by about 2pm....bad weather with ice coming down  made it a not so fun day. 

So then my oldest son, Ed, decides later that evening to take a tumble on some ice and break his right leg in 4 places ...and it was an open fracture at that.  I cannot even imagine the pain.  So back the hospital I to set the fractures finally took place late Sunday afternoon.  As Ed was pumped up on morphine for the pain I don't think he really even noticed.  At 6:30 pm they finally come to tell me that the surgery took longer than expected because of debridement and the difficulty in setting all the breaks but he was in recovery and would be back in his room in about 30 9pm there was still no Ed and no information....a nurse finally told those of us who were waiting that his oxygen levels were low and he was not breathing on his own so they had placed him in ICU..........SHOCKER!!  I had planned on kissing my son goodnight and telling him I would see him in the morning.  Soooooooo off to the ICU wing we go..only 2 can go so everyone else went home.  Three days later he is ok and goes home with an oxygen tank.  He is casted from toe to mid thigh and will have sleep studies performed when the fracture is healed.

He is home but the family is taking turns staying with him when his girlfriend works as he cannot be alone as he is pretty much on bed rest for 9 weeks.

So I am working full time, part time and rotating with the kid when needed.

I cannot even spell tired right now ...yeah.  No quilting has been done so there are no new pics to post, however, I did start a crochet afgan.  I wanted to make something for the new baby and a quilt is just not going to get done...knitting I am not good enough with yet but crochet I can do at a pretty good pace and it's portable enough that I can get it done in plenty of time.

So that's my story for this's almost over and I don't even remember it getting here :-)


  1. Oohh Mags, you have had more than your share of upset. I hope your sons are well on the way to can sleep later. Sending you all the best wishes I can..

  2. Thank you for the well wishes and yes...sleep will always come later. I am off to a quilt retreat next weekend and cannot wait!! Grandma is coming from TN to "man sit" as I am calling it. I think being spoiled for 2-3 days by grandma is just what the doctor ordered!!

  3. So sorry, BUT you'll come thru this STRONGER! Remember for everything there is a reason : sometime we don't know the WHY'S???

  4. hope you are having a great time...its been a long winter for you.

  5. Oh, Mags - so sorry to hear about your sons. Prayers for you all.