Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sew in day

Just returned home from my guilds sew in day.  We made iron bags........they have the thensolate or whatever it is called on the inside so that you can carry a hot iron home from a sewing day.  I already took it downstairs before I posted this so I will take a pic later and share.

One of the gals brought in 6 HUGE boxes of fabric, gadgets and quilt books/magazines.  Someone she knew died a long time ago and her children are just now getting to the sewing room to box things up.  I came home with about 20-30 books/magazine to rumage throught, some neutral fabrics and a box of really nice templates that were made from the nice thick plexiglass.

Hunter is on his way to visit grandma while mommy takes daddy to dinner for his birthday ...will post more later.

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