Friday, January 14, 2011

A Long Weekend

Hmmmmmmmm ... not sure why my photo is hiding in the last post.  Will have to see what that is all about.

Yeah for the long holiday weekend.  As I don't work Fridays and Martin Luther King day is Monday it gives me 4 days to quilt and work in the sewing room.  I am determined to get it organized one way or the other.  I have some ideas so until next month I plan to sketch and window shop.  May scout the second hand stores for sturdy furniture.

With Christmas and three kids birthdays right afterwards it leaves my credit card gasping for air so shopping will have to wait :-)  and that's ok.

A friend is doing a retreat at the end of Feburary and if the weather holds out I plan to attend.  I NEED girl time with fabric, friends and food :-)  yeah.............

Weight loss is going well so far.  My goal is 50 pounds by the 50th birthday so I am 5 pounds closer which is good for me.  Battleling the thyroid issue has been a curse the past few years but even though it will be slow loss there will be loss............I AM DETERMINED!

Today I am off to the grocery for a few things, mailing a package to my adopted soldier, getting the key f rom the library for my guilds sew in day tomorrow, spending time with a friend and then home to read more of my Earlene Fowler book.  Nice Friday.

Everyone have a good day.


  1. sounds like a good time, plus Joann's is having a sale with 50% off coupons for stuff. :-) Going to sew this weekend too. Enjoy your time

  2. Sounds like a good plan to me! It's always hard to loose weight and harder the older we get!