Sunday, January 16, 2011

Guild meeting goodies

I stated yesterday that I came home with a cute iron bag.  Below (or somewhere in this post) is a pic...and a close up of the wonderful embrodery one of the gals in the group does.  The bag in insulated to carry a hot iron from meeting to home with nothing getting burned or melting....for those who forget to unplug until they are ready to go home :-)
The other pic is of the stash of books I brought home.  One of the gals had a friend pass away awhile back and her family is now "cleaning house"............6 HUGE boxes of books were brought in as well as boxes of fabric and misc. notions.  This is what I brought home with me.  I was so happy that a Celtic book I reserved at the library was in this stash of I don't have to decided if I want to spend $30 on the book.  I had also been wanting to make the 12 Days of Christmas and guess what pattern book was in the got it.  Must be an omen???
Anyway, there was so much left but I was not about to bring it all home...............
Happy sewing ladies.  My laundry is almost done and oatmeal is cooking.  Not sure what the rest of my day will there is no work tomorrow due to the holiday I may find this to be a lounge in the jammies, watch movies and get that Carolina Christmas finished.


  1. Oh I just love your iron bag! What a really neat and useful idea. Yours is really nice, Girl! You racked up on the stash haul. How fun to go through all of your "new to you" items. I hope when I'm gone that my well loved stash goes to someone else that will love it, too. I've really enjoyed reading your blog and I'm now a follower (or stalker! LOL). Feel free to stop by mine if you get a chance. Happy quilting!

  2. I have that celtuc book and love it. Looks like you got quit a bit of stuff. When I drive uo in aoril or mau I am going to bring some of the boos that I have for you guys to go through so save your pennies