Sunday, January 9, 2011

Album of Memories Center

  • This is the center of my Album of Memories by Robert Callaham.  I am at a stand still on this center...not sure how to do the berries.  There is to be a stem of berries by each slate blue feather (if you enlarge you can see better).  I have tried fusible web and didn't like the look so I took them off.  I tried buttons (which I did on another quilt by Robert) and it looked really nice but this one does not.  The berries are really teeny tiny and I think there are 80 just in this center. Maybe it's the color.  I am using burgandy....or maybe the buttons need to be smaller?  At a loss so I will just stare at it for another month and see what I decide to do.   In the meantime I am quilting my Carolina Christmas (which was posted a few blogs back in the Fall).

    1. It is gorgeous so far! Perhaps beads for the berries?

    2. hey margaret, as I get used to doing the little boggers and only do a couple here and there they
      aren't as bad as i expected...but unlike you i don't have my center done...quit stressing on it
      you could always make some small leaves to fill in the space.

    3. It looks stunning as it is. I really admire your work. How tiny are the berries? I like Melissa's suggestion of beads, that would add some bling to the quilt. How do tiny Yo-Yo's sound?

    4. Beads are an option I thought about. The berries are maybe 1/8 inch diameter....maybe...they are pretty tiny.