Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The end of December 2011

It's hard to believe that 2011 is almost over.  I think we all know what made the year go so fast so I just won't repeat myself but I am happy to report the doc let Ed start walking with one crutch last week, it hurts but that's expected, we go back to the doc this Thursday 12/29 and if all is still well his final surgery will be scheduled and life will get back to some kind of normal ....yeah!!!

Anyway, I did find the time to finish a lap quilt for a Christmas gift.  I like how it turned out.  Christmas was wonderful this year.  I was surrounded by most of the people I love dearly...some too far away but still in my heart.

My goal for 2012 is to organize (yes again) my sewing room and possibly even let go of more items I am not using or have not used in some time.   I REALLY need to get my UFO's in some kind of order and get them completed.

Today is lounge and enjoy my last day off of work.  We were closed Monday and Tuesday which was much needed time off.  Today I am cleaning the DVR of movies that I have not had time to watch, drink some hot tea and/or hot cocoa and work on a crochet afghan for my son's girlfriends birthday that is in about 3 weeks.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

December already

Well the part time job is DONE so today I get to actually play in my quilt room.  Filter my way through it would probably be a more accurate statement.  It was a little more picked up and then it was time to dig out the Christmas decorations.  The "basement" part of the downstairs is on the other side of the family room which is my quilt studio.  I have to drag the totes of decorations in that room to have better lighting to see what I am doing.........you can imagine the mess that makes :-)
My New Year's goal is to be more oganized at putting the Christmas decorations away in a more organized manner.  There are about 12 totes and I usually have no idea what is in the totes.  That will be taken care of this season which also means I will go through all the totes and weed out the things I no longer use. 
To the room to organize .....

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Time with friends

It was so nice to be able to spend some time with Vickie while she is here and cannot wait for more time.  She is very busy with visiting family and friends but it is nice to have her "home" for awhile.  We went to sit with my sleeping grandchildren for awhile so Kristin to go to Joe's work for an early Thanksgiving lunch.  Lunch for us afterwards was at Max & Erma's...yummm I have not had their chicken tortilla soup in ages...not to mention the fried pickle chips...yummo!!

Then of course we were off to The Glass Thimble.  Too much money was left behind at that store but ohhhhh did I get the cutest pattern for a Christmas wall hanging.  I cannot wait to start cutting the pieces for it....will be sure to post pictures as I go :-)

Ok...off to get some work done.  Not much more to go on the Toldeo project....time to buckle down, stop procrastinating and get it done!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

A new dawn a new day.........

I am off work today as I was not not sure when I would be back from my visit to TN.  Mom's chemo went ok and a visit with a good friend did wonders for me.  I always love a visit with her......she grounds me and I ususally come back ready to tackle things I would have otherwise ignored.

I also came home to find out there had been a death in my family.  A cousin, at the age of 48 from a heart attack.  I have so many fun childhood memories with him.  As usual we grew apart as adults but when we would see each other at a function we picked up right where we left off.  May he rest in peace.

The stash mound will get more attention this week.  Even if only 15 minutes, it will get some time on a daily basis. I may even cut a Baltimore Album top while managing that stash........I am having a ball making "kits" as I go.  It makes the bust go slower but I feel like more is accomplished.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

It will only come once in this lifetime...........11/11/11.  My heartfelt "thank you's" go out to all who have served, including my two brothers, father, cousins, uncles, grandpas and numerous friends.
I am spending a few days in TN while my mom undergoes a chemo treatment.  I brought a quilt top I am piecing to work on.  Did not get much done...but enough to make me feel like I actually accomplished something.
Spoke to my son who had a follow up doctor appointment.  It seems his leg as seen it's shadow so there is 6 more weeks of IV antibiotics and the leg contraption...no walking, weight baring or anything.  It puts alot of things on hold for him again but I agree with the doc that with all the problems he has had this is the best.  It will promote more healing and stability.
Off to do some work.  Brought a little with me to try and get the part time job completed...it is almost done...yeah!  About 10-12 more hours of work and it will be DONE!!!  The hospital project is also DONE so life may actually get a little bit back to normal around the first of the year...yeah.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

End of October

Where did the year go?  Where did winter and summer go?  Now fall is upon us and will soon turn into winter.  It seems my past year has come and gone in a blur.  My son is finally on his way to recovery which is absolutely and finally time.  He is no where near healed and ready to be on his own 100% yet but there is much improvement which is a good thing.  His leg is looking better.  I know there is at least 1 maybe 2 more surgeries ahead for him but that really is a good thing because it means the external hardware will come off and a graft will be done to cover all of the damaged area on the leg.  Major yet minor compared to what he has been dealing with and also the final healing point.

Between family issues and work I think my body finally hit the point of exhaustion this past week.  I thought my allergies were kicking up but ends up I had a really bad cold that worked it's way through my body so after 3 days off work and just kicking back at home in bed or on the couch with the TV remote and a bottle of NyQuil I started feeling better.

My poor quilt room has been neglected since Feburary so I finally ventured in there yesterday for about an hour or two.  Put a few things away and mainly sat in the chair staring.  I spent some time last year ridding the room of unwanted items and there is still just too much stuff and I am at a loss as to how to organize.  I had started scrap management which was going well but came to a small hault while dealing with the kid's injury.  Perhaps that is where I need to restart and just not worry about the rest???  Maybe one issue at a time is a good start???  My kids got me the nice 3 drawer storage system for my birthday as that is what I wanted.  The drawers are labeled and as I cut down I toss the strips into the drawers.  My mom also gave me a shelf she was going to toss out which fit perfectly out of the way and is just wide enough to stash FQ's.  My goal is that if it is yardage it gets organized by color, less than a yard gets a FQ cut out and the rest cut into strips of various sizes.

Off to a wedding with my cousin...I am her date :-)  Maybe when we are done I may venture to the quilt room again.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The weekend

Well I decided to make yesterday my day.  Ed was in good hands with his girlfriend and younger brother and his girlfriend.  I spent the morning at Knitter Merchantile with old and new friends and then the evening with another friend.  It was my day for R&R.  Today brings chores and some consulting work I need to get done.
No yarn work this weekend.  Tried a new pattern that was way over my head.  I need to learn more stitches before tackling it.  No quiting as the time is just no there.  All the business will be over by mid November and then my time will be mine again..........just in time to make a few small Christmas gifts.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A completed project

My oldest son is back in the hospital yet again with another infection of the fracture that happened Super Bowl weekend way back in Feburary.  Poor kid just cannot catch a break.  He had surgery this past Thursday and is hooked up to a wound vac and a bunch of other tubes and hoses.  He will go back for more surgery on Monday to see of the wound can be closed and will hopefully go home Tuesday and will do 6 weeks of IV infustions 2 times a day .............just like the last time.  His spirits were pretty good Thursday but today he is a cranky boy so I am home to work and start cleaning my sewing room to keep my mind off things.  Work an hour...tidy an hour.....or that is at least the plan :-)

I have finished 2 scarves while sitting at the hospital.  I miss my quilting but yarn projects are so much easier to transport and are not so hard to put away if you have to jump when he "needs you" as he is completely immobile again.

The photo does not do the colors justice. The green is silk and varigated shades of green and a lemon green/yello color... very pretty with glass beeds and sequines spread throughout.  The blue one is lightly varigated and almost looks like denim.  It was for someone else but Ed watched me work on it and wants it so he will probably end up with it.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Mini Flower Garden

So this is my mini flower garden.  I have no idea how big or small it will end up to be.  When I get tired of working on the size will be determined.  The glare is kind of bad but I am not looking down my nose at a sunny 75 degree day....will take them all!!

One pic is how much I have done so far.  The other is my little pencil box I carry the goodies in.  My scraps, scissors, thread, needles and seam ripper all fit in this box and will fit into my purse for traveling when necessary.

OMG I cannot believe it

I just cannot believe it has been over a month since I posted!!  Will need to fix that this weekend.  Life has been busy with work at work, work at home, spending time with the kids and grandbabies etc...\
I did make it to a small quilt show last week and will post some photos from that.  I gained inspiration so the desire to get back to the machine has bitten me.....

I have been busy trying to tidy up my quilt studio.  It is in the family room which is in the basement.   Lots of space but dark...even though there are windows.  It's cold in the winter and cool in the summer.  I had thought about moving things upstairs where there are more windows but the spare bedroom gets so warm in the summer months that it does not make sense to do this.

So the thought has crossed my mind to turn a tiny corner of the dining room into a sewing station.  Only the machine and a box lid with the blocks to be sewn can be there (those who know me know I cannot do the clutter).  Anyway, the stairs to the basement is off the dining room so it would work.  I could chain piece, go downstairs to iron then back up.  Not only would I be able to view the outside world from the french door but I would get the exercise from going up and down the stairs (which I need) AND some UFO's would get done...yeah!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back from vacation

Well I have returned from a wonderful week away from work and home.  I decided I was not sitting home staring at the 4 walls for the week so I packed my car and traveled/visited family and friends.  I spent time in TN, KY and Cincinnati.  While unpacking the care I pulled the old sciatica nerve so I spent the majoirty of the day on the couch with the remote and a heating pad.  It is better today but I was still bummed as I planned to spend most of yesterday in the basement doing scrap management but once again it will wait.

Today the kids are taking me on a pic nic at Madison Lake...sure hope the rain holds off!!!! We are celebrating my big 50 birthday and my sons 29th birthday.

When I return this evening I will do a little of some much needed work/work...tomorrow is basement day.

While In KY I visited a new quilt shop.....spent a little money but $1.50 fat quarters were hard to pass up.  I also bought a very cute watermelon table runner kit (I usually do not buy kits).....very cute so I would like to work on it so I can still use it a bit this summer.

That's all for now.  I worked on a mini grandmothers flower garden while away.  I stole the ide from Ann Fry.  Everything I needed fit into a little case that fit into my purse.  Will post some pics of that later.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Scrappy Sunday

Hello blog world :-)
I spent the better part of last Sunday and this Sunday doing "scrap management" and while doing so I cut for a new block I ran across in an old magazine and fell in love with.  It's a scrappy hour glass.  There are 4 small hourglasses in th center of what I call a log cabin block.  It's from Bonnie Hunter so I am amazed I never saw it before.  Anyway, I was trying REALLY hard to not have any two pieces from the same fabric but since I was getting tired of cutting down there may be a few (no more than 2) pieces cut from maybe 5 difference fabrics.  I did them in different sizes so they will blend in.  I was going to lay out at least one block to get on the design wall and post but other things are calling so time in the sewing room needed to come to an end........I am usually in there during laundry time...which is done.
Off to clean the kitchen, tidy up the pantry......I have just been tossing things in there the past few weeks and it is driving me crazy.  Then I need to get veggies and fruits cut up for the work week.  After that I need to put about 2 hours in on the part time job...need to get that job done!!!

My son is up and walking which is good news.  He still has to wear his boot but at least he is mobile and can take care of himself.  I don't think a person ever thought a shower felt so good.  Poor kid.  Good thing is it frees up my time.............just in time for the hours at my real job to get crazy. Lots of changes, some I am NOT so happy about, until mid November.  Lots of thinking to do as work will never be the same as it was and I am not so sure I am happy about that.

Off to dice watermelon...yum!!  I hope to have a block done, or at least laid out next week to post.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cool Sunday morning on the patio

My patio is almost where I want it.  Still seems to be missing something.  More flowers, another chair on the stoop by the french door......not sure.
Anyway, I enjoyed a quiet hour this morning while it was still cool outside and finished reading the "eat this not that" book.  Very interesting read.  It's amazing how much sodium, sugars and fillers are in our foods.

So this is my patio garden.  Any suggestions for what it may be missing would be greatly appreciated,  These are just pictures of the seating area.  There are 2 flower beds, one had a water fountain and hostas, the other has a hot house made out of old farmhouse windows, and  a pot of flowers.  The two seating areas are my largest venture............what is missing??????

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!!

The holiday not only makes me think of all those who serve our country and gave their lives for our freedom.  There is always a moment of silence in my house to remember and give thanks.
July also make me think of CHRISTMAS..........yes I said it, Christmas in July.  The time when most crafters start holiday projects.  I have a few in mind but have not even thought about getting them started.  While my oldest son was in the hospital (the second time) I picked up yarn and needle again as quilting projects are just too cumbersome in a hospital room.  I completed an afgan for Shaylie Jo and started another large adult size cream colored afghan.  No idea how big it will be or who it will be for.  I think Ed's girlfriend Amanda was hinting that she would like to have it.  Does this mean I need to make two more for the Sheena and Kristin?  Probably :-)
Anyway, I started my fall quilt.  My goal is a quilt for every season to cover my bed.  I got one whole block done today...yeah!!  The pictures below are of the one block I completed as well as a picture from the pattern as to what the blocks will look like.  It will take 4 of the block I made to make one large block.  I am using scrappy batiks and a controled smooth creamy white background.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Jukly 4th weekend

I started my holiday weekend at Ann Fry's.  It was wonderful to spend to days with her.  Irene paid us a visit on Friday so we shopped, sewed and had a GREAT taco salad from one of Holmesville's fine pizza shops.  Today is visit grandbaby day and meet up with another friend (Mel) who will deliver a wonderful bag of Half Square Triangles to me for a swap we are doing.
Will write more later..my fuzzy mind needs some tea and breakfast.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday updates

Well I have already lapsed on my "design wall Sunday".  I am behind :-(   One picture is of rows A&B of Dear Jane.  I planned to have more done over the weekend but that didn't happen.......and it's OK.  I also managed to purchase about 6 yards of neutrals (we can alway use them...right???)  The price was too good to pass up. And well..........I also bought about 7 yards of Civil War repos but the price was too good as well.  All purchases were $2.29-$2.99 a yard.  Just could not leave them behind.   I also came home to some yummy strawberries on my plants.  They are starting to populate and ripen.  Just enough for my cereal in the mornings.........or at night.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My lazy scrappy Sunday

Today has been spent being extremely lazy ......well I did do one load of laundry and will need to make dinner and wash dishes.........but I really have played in my fabric and enjoyed myself today AND I am still in my jammies!!!  I did sweep the storm debri up in my jammies this morning though :-)

Below is a box of scraps sent to me by a gal from stashbusters ...thank you Barbara!!!  I have to decide what I want to do with them.  I have made many quilts but two that I have always wanted and have yet to do are a log cabin and irish chain.  I would like to make my entire quilt from the scraps (how cool would that be) so it may be a log cabin.

What do you think?????????

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dear Jane Yahoo Group

Happy Saturday to all my quilting buddies!!

I have opened a yahoo group site for the Janeaholics who want to start, finish or just admire the beautiful exciting quilt.  I started mine in 2003 and have 90 of the center blocks done which I think leaves me 79 more blocks to do as well as ALL the triangles and corners.  I may copy my friend Vickie and make the triangles for the rows as I go so I can start putting it together and admire the progress.

Anyone is welcome to join.  You can look us up at:

dearjanergals on the yahoo groups tab.

Friday, June 3, 2011


I see goals that most of my friends have posted.  I had them.........once :-)

Since the winter and spring have pretty much vanished for me with little to no progress I think I will change to fiscal year plans.....ha.....the fiscal year runs July through June.

I shall have my 2011-2012 goals defined by July 1st...yeah

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dear Jane

So this quilt shall be done!!  It has been in "progress" since 2003.  I am insanely trying to organize my sewing room and the first thing on the list is to get some sort of order in the UFO department.  This beauty is first on the list of must regroup and finish.   I like to have a quilt in the frame, an applique' project and piecing project going at the same time.  It keeps me from going insane with one project as well as my moods change as to what I want to work on.  And there is probably some sort of yarn projects as well.

When I laid all the blocks out this is what I have so far.  Time to organize the box and dig in..........anyone can join and start their own :-) Oh BTW I am using Civil War repos.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Design Wall Sunday

I see so many posts for Design Wall Monday's but that is a day that does not work for me so I am doing Sunday...yeah.

This is the beginning of Shaylie Jo's quilt.  I wanted brights and boy are they bright.  I saw a picture of a quilt that just seemed to call her name.  In my mind the top was brights with applique'd white daisies.  Well I bought the fabric, cut it out (twice because I discovered I cut 4.5 x 4 instead of 4.5 x 4.5 oops).  I get the background up on my "design wall" only to finally locate the magazine I saw the picture in and it is not brights but is 30 repos...........how could I make that mistake!!!  I already have the borders etc..for this so it will stay brights.  Babies like brights anyway...right?????

So anyway, this is it so far.  I will do a 1.5 inch pale yellow border to tone down the brights and the last border will be either a bright green or a lavender with mini bright hearts on it.  I bought both because I could not decide in the store. 

Sunday Project Management

Well today brings MORE work but this part time job will bring a little extra cash in for those "necessary" items AND I am trying not to spend it on fabric :-)  I have goals so it makes it a little easier to spend my down time working.

However, my goal in the sewing room today is project management.  I figure if I do one work audit, tackle one UFO then by the time the sun goes down I will have achieved something in all arenas of my life today.  It is not to work on th UFO but rather to get them under some sort of order.  I recently read a book on organzing the quilt room and WISH I had written the name and author to share but didn't, however I did take notes.

The plan is to pull each UFO out...regardless of the stage it is in.  Stare at it and then decide if it stays or goes.  This even includes some of those JoAnn Fabric blocks of the month from 10 years ago sitting in totes.  If the project still calls to me it will go on a tracking chart I plan to design for myself using some hints from the book I read.  If it no longer calls to me it will either be given away/donated or tossed into the scrap bin to be included in scrap management. 

Everyone enjoy their Sunday.  I just turned the AC on as it's going to be a warm one today and I don't want to sweat on my fabric :-)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Grapevine Wallhanging First Block

Well I worked on my first block a bit today.  I have all the vines, leaves and center grapes on.  I still need to add the grapes around the outside leaves.  The bias turned out a little wide for the vines but I am not taking it apart........they will just have to be thick vines :-)  I am also not sure I bought enough fabric for the grapes so before I go any further I think I will make all 680 grapes in case I need to add some scrappy purples here and there.  Cannot have one oddball block.  This will halt progress a bit but that's ok.  I would rather halt than have odd blocks.

End of May

Well the end of May is here and not much has been accomplished.  My son was back in the hospital last week.  The fracture has healed but once the swelling went down there was a lump.  The lump, muscle and bone were biopsied.  Biopsy came back with an infection in the bone.  I don't need to tell you how that went.  Long hospital stay and he is now home with 6 weeks of antibiotic infusions twice a day.  I am not sure how he is staying patient through this ordeal.

Enough of that bandwagon!!

Anyway, I have started my grapevine wallhanging that will go in my dining room.  I really did not want to start anything new but there are two projects I HAD to start.  The grapevine needs to be completed because as some point I want to redecorate my dining room and this will be the focal point.  I am a little unhappy that my vines ended up wider than I wanted but I think it will till be OK.........I am not taking it apart :-)  My goal is to get some grapes on it this weeken and will then post a photo.

The second project is Shaylie Jo's quilt.  My new granddaughter cannot wait until I am done with the 5000 UFO's haunting me so her projects needs to get underway as well.  I don't have to tell you to wait until you are rested to cut fabric.  I was so excited that the blocks were cut.  I laid them out and realized I cut half the blocks at 4.5 x 4 inches instead of 4,5 x 4.5 NEVER cut when you are tired.  So a weekend goal (after much needed work is done) is to cut them all to 4 x 4.  It will be OK as the size can adjust.  It will be a scrappy background of brights with white daisy's appliqued'.  I got the idea when Hunter picked out a pink rabbit with white daisy's as her "welcome baby sister" present.

So to work I go.  I have a few audits to get done and will then treat myself to an hour of quilting...then a few more audits.............that's the game plan for the weekend.

Friday, May 13, 2011

May Flowers

Well the April showers sure did bring alot of May flowers............and more showers :-)  as I sit here typing it is starting to rain.  It's ok. I  think we actually went through 3 days without rain and as I planted flowers today I REALLY wanted some rain. 

I have completed my Album of Memories center block.  It was so large I decided it was going to end up as a wallhanging instead of a full quilt.  As beautiful as the entire quilt is and as much as I LOVE the hand work of applique' the quilt just wasn't talking to me anymore.  I believe if you are going to quilt something you should like/love it.  Anyway, it is bound and on the wall. ....yeah.

I think tomorrow is a "me day"...no appointments that I know of so I plan to do some a little work (business work not the fun work) and mix in a little quilting.  I am working on a new wallhanging for my dining room.  It will have 4-6 blocks that have applique' stems, leaves and grapes......I think with the Tuscan theme in the kitchen and dining room it will blend in nicely.  So I need to get the blocks and borders cut then work in the bias for the stems and all 680 little grapes :-)  yeah.........TV work that little chore will be.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

April showers

Are bringing early flowers......my attempt at humor.  Well Ms. Shaylie Jo (granddaughter) made her appearance to our family on 4/21/2011...weighing in at 8.1 pounds and 20.5 inches long.  She is a beauty...yes I am pretty partial.

Not much in the quilt arena has been completed but I am starting to work on some WIP's to get the progression moving along.  I even went down to the quilt room and organized a bit.  I can walk through the room which was a disaster after Christmas and the little family matters but it is now clean.  The cutting table has a few items cluttering it that I need to either pack away for later use or donate to a charity garage sale..then life will begin again.

Pics are posted below.  I am still toting yarn projects along on various trips I need to make.  The afgan will go to a friend of mine for her birthday.  The other pics are of the new family member :-)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Completed Projects

I finally had time to download two of my latest completed projects.  The quilt is Bonnie Hunter's mystery from November 2009 called Carolina Christmas.  It was supposed to have borders but I was done cutting and sewing fabric.  As it is so big anyway I  figure it just didn't matter.

The crochet afghan is for Shaylie Jo.  My granddaughter who is making her entrance to the world 4/21/2011.  I will get a quilt made for her and have the pattern picked out.  I just have not had the time to work on it with everything going on.  A ball of yarn and hook is so much easier to cart around than a box of quilt notions, fabric etc....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March Rain

OMG.......will the rain ever stop?  But then again, rain is much better than snow at the moment.  My heart goes out to all of those in areas where rain is overflowing into their personal spaces.  The Scioto River runs through Columbus and suburbs so depending on where one lives depends on how safe your home is.  I think my sump pump is running on overtime.

I am not sure where last month even went but March is here and roaring like a lion on steroids.  The middle child who had the disc surgery is back to work and doing well.  The oldest who has the broken leg is doing so so.  He is in good spirits but tired of being laid up and I cannot say I blame him.  Thanks to all of you who sent out prayers.

March has brough a lovely little weight loss for me.  The thyroid is FINALLY at a controllable level.  I started attending Weight Watchers meetings as it is a program that works, for most, if you follow it.  I dabbled in the program before but was not successful as I was never in the mind set to stick with it NOW I am...yeah and I am down 14 pounds!!!!

No quilts have been finished.......oh wait, the Carolina Christmas did so I will have to get the pics loaded for viewing.  The crochet baby afghan is done....so much more portable to drag to the kids than my quilt projects.  My knitting has been perfected, thanks to my dear friend Denise Hall...........I would not have been able to do it if not for her.  I have two projects going.........OMG I will now have yarn UFO'S ...oh no!!!

Will post some pics and more details later.

Sleep and sew well my friends.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where has the time gone???

I have not vanished.....life just got in the way.

Not much to post....tired is not even a word I know how to say at the moment.  My middle son, Joe, had surgery on Friday February 4 for a bulging C-6-7 disc.......he was released Saturday February 5 and we got him all tucked in at home where his wife could care for him by about 2pm....bad weather with ice coming down  made it a not so fun day. 

So then my oldest son, Ed, decides later that evening to take a tumble on some ice and break his right leg in 4 places ...and it was an open fracture at that.  I cannot even imagine the pain.  So back the hospital I go.......surgery to set the fractures finally took place late Sunday afternoon.  As Ed was pumped up on morphine for the pain I don't think he really even noticed.  At 6:30 pm they finally come to tell me that the surgery took longer than expected because of debridement and the difficulty in setting all the breaks but he was in recovery and would be back in his room in about 30 minutes...........at 9pm there was still no Ed and no information....a nurse finally told those of us who were waiting that his oxygen levels were low and he was not breathing on his own so they had placed him in ICU..........SHOCKER!!  I had planned on kissing my son goodnight and telling him I would see him in the morning.  Soooooooo off to the ICU wing we go..only 2 can go so everyone else went home.  Three days later he is ok and goes home with an oxygen tank.  He is casted from toe to mid thigh and will have sleep studies performed when the fracture is healed.

He is home but the family is taking turns staying with him when his girlfriend works as he cannot be alone as he is pretty much on bed rest for 9 weeks.

So I am working full time, part time and rotating with the kid when needed.

I cannot even spell tired right now ...yeah.  No quilting has been done so there are no new pics to post, however, I did start a crochet afgan.  I wanted to make something for the new baby and a quilt is just not going to get done...knitting I am not good enough with yet but crochet I can do at a pretty good pace and it's portable enough that I can get it done in plenty of time.

So that's my story for this month...it's almost over and I don't even remember it getting here :-)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Guild meeting goodies

I stated yesterday that I came home with a cute iron bag.  Below (or somewhere in this post) is a pic...and a close up of the wonderful embrodery one of the gals in the group does.  The bag in insulated to carry a hot iron from meeting to home with nothing getting burned or melting....for those who forget to unplug until they are ready to go home :-)
The other pic is of the stash of books I brought home.  One of the gals had a friend pass away awhile back and her family is now "cleaning house"............6 HUGE boxes of books were brought in as well as boxes of fabric and misc. notions.  This is what I brought home with me.  I was so happy that a Celtic book I reserved at the library was in this stash of books...now I don't have to decided if I want to spend $30 on the book.  I had also been wanting to make the 12 Days of Christmas and guess what pattern book was in the stash...you got it.  Must be an omen???
Anyway, there was so much left but I was not about to bring it all home...............
Happy sewing ladies.  My laundry is almost done and oatmeal is cooking.  Not sure what the rest of my day will bring....as there is no work tomorrow due to the holiday I may find this to be a lounge in the jammies, watch movies and get that Carolina Christmas finished.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sew in day

Just returned home from my guilds sew in day.  We made iron bags........they have the thensolate or whatever it is called on the inside so that you can carry a hot iron home from a sewing day.  I already took it downstairs before I posted this so I will take a pic later and share.

One of the gals brought in 6 HUGE boxes of fabric, gadgets and quilt books/magazines.  Someone she knew died a long time ago and her children are just now getting to the sewing room to box things up.  I came home with about 20-30 books/magazine to rumage throught, some neutral fabrics and a box of really nice templates that were made from the nice thick plexiglass.

Hunter is on his way to visit grandma while mommy takes daddy to dinner for his birthday ...will post more later.

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Long Weekend

Hmmmmmmmm ... not sure why my photo is hiding in the last post.  Will have to see what that is all about.

Yeah for the long holiday weekend.  As I don't work Fridays and Martin Luther King day is Monday it gives me 4 days to quilt and work in the sewing room.  I am determined to get it organized one way or the other.  I have some ideas so until next month I plan to sketch and window shop.  May scout the second hand stores for sturdy furniture.

With Christmas and three kids birthdays right afterwards it leaves my credit card gasping for air so shopping will have to wait :-)  and that's ok.

A friend is doing a retreat at the end of Feburary and if the weather holds out I plan to attend.  I NEED girl time with fabric, friends and food :-)  yeah.............

Weight loss is going well so far.  My goal is 50 pounds by the 50th birthday so I am 5 pounds closer which is good for me.  Battleling the thyroid issue has been a curse the past few years but even though it will be slow loss there will be loss............I AM DETERMINED!

Today I am off to the grocery for a few things, mailing a package to my adopted soldier, getting the key f rom the library for my guilds sew in day tomorrow, spending time with a friend and then home to read more of my Earlene Fowler book.  Nice Friday.

Everyone have a good day.