Thursday, December 30, 2010

As the New Year rolls in

Well another New Year is rolling in very soon.  I have no new photos to post as I did not get alot done through December.  My Carolina Christmas (a Bonnie Hunter mystery) is in the frame.  I finally decided NO border.  I love big quilts but as this one had SO many pieces in it already the thought of a pieced border was more than I could handle to one point I looked at it and said "it's done".  I do that at times.  Anyway it really is pretty so hopefully over the next month the quilting will be done and I can decide on binding.

I am not sure I have "fun" resolutions for 2011.  I want peace in my life which has pretty much been accomplished.  Love.......I would like to find it but not sure that is in the cards for me as men sure have changed over the years and I find I get to irritated with most of their "ways"'s almost like they are out for themselves and anyone else be damned.  If they don't have a bad attitude they are looking for a nursemaid and mommy.......that I won't be either.   An equal would be nice.  Nuff of that bandwagon!

The sensible resolution would be to get my sewing room organized AGAIN and try to maintiain it.  It seems to go really good for awhile and then BAM it will look like a tornado when through it.   I think the main problem is that I cannot and will not put holes in the walls to hang items.  The walls are covered in a really pretty wood type material...not paneling.......and I don't want to ruin it.  So nothing heavier than what those little commands can hold gets hung up.  I think if I can get my stash and scraps in a managable position it will work well.  Oddly the rest of my house is's just that room.  Could be because it is in the family room with the laundry room/basement being on the other side of the wall so anything that needs done gets dragged into that room.....................

I also think that "notion" type items are just going to get dumped in together in one clear tote.  I can see what I have and figure out storge for those types of items later.

Ok............cinnamon rolls are out of the oven.  Time to chow.

I hope this year also brings me the strength to cook healthier than my southern roots have taught me.  I need to let go of the comfort food and bring in more veggies, fruits etc....AND more exercise :-)  yuk  but with another grandbaby on the way I think going into my 50's this year I need to be in better shape.

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL New Year!!!

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