Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall is here

Well I do believe fall is officially here and I am loving it!  Just returned from a long weekend with some gal pals and had a GREAT time..........time I was so much in need of.   I have a few projects that are gaining on the completion status........let the drum roll begin:
Carolina Christmas is first.  I have been working on this beauty since 2009....I think the mystery directions came out in late November (too long for me to remember exactly when).  I have to admit I am about done working on it.  I am sure the pieced border is not going to be done.  Perhaps a pretty single border so it can get quilted and on the bed for the upcoming holiday.

Orion's Star is next.  I trimmed it up this weekend and did the binding.  I saw some areas in the red that I forget to stitch so I need to do that section.  The last black border has not been quilted.  It was the final vote that the black is so pretty that it needs a little something special quilted so that it stands out.  Will need to think of a pattern...maybe some pretty swirls.

This picture of this one is not real clear as it was taken with my cel phone.  It is the center for my new project, Album of Memories by Robert Callaham.  It was the end of the day and I had my sewing machine packed away when I remembered I needed to make some bias strips.  So I just played with it.  My fabrics of choice will be scraps from my Civil War tote.  The colors are much prettier up close.  Once I get the center medallion on that needs appliqued I will post a better photo.


  1. Oh, those are great, Mags!! I have a Carolina Christmas I must get busy on too.

    Love the log cabin one.

  2. Your quilts are just gorgeous. I had a great time with you. I am looking forward to seeing you again in Spring.

  3. Beautiful quilts

    Love and hugs Gina xxx