Saturday, September 25, 2010

Where did the day go?

Well today ended up being as beautiful as I thought it would.  It was really good to just putt around doing nothing.  Had a few "moments" but all in all it was a good day.  I spend alot of time in my sewing room trying to organize more.  It's amazing how fast the time can go when doing that.  But a HUGE bag of trash went out and that was good.  I had a desk in the room which my son removed for me 2 weeks ago.  As I no longer use a desk top computer it seemed pointless to have it down there when that space could be used for more quilt organizing. It's amazing how much junk was on and in the desk that you think is important until you stare at it for awhile.  All of a sudden you realize you don't need most of it and off to the trash it goes :-)  yeah.... I bought a new shelf, put it together and all projects (that I could find) have a home on the shelf.  All "want to make" projects have the pattern and fabrics for it in ziploc bags, now I need to find a large tote to put those in and it will have a home as well.
In between organizing I talked to Ann for about 2 hours...yeah we chatted :-), the sun finally warmed up the patio enough that I had lunch and dinner on the patio while reading a good Danielle Steel novel.  I love her work. 
As I am tired from all of the above it's time to cozy up with a good movie (DVR'd 4 today) and do some work on Orion's Star.
And the good news is that the bad news stayed out of my brain for awhile.  That was the blessing of the day.

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