Sunday, September 26, 2010

Overcast Sunday

Well it is an overcast day in Columbus.  At first my kids did not really want to deal with Sunday family dinner due to FOOTBALL.......then that idea passed but somehow I am cooking the entire dinner??   Good thing I had enough burger thawed out (was making myself a meatloaf for the workweek) now they will get my meatloaf, fresh greenbeans that had been in the freezer with new potatoes and cornbread.  Not too bad for a last minute throw together and I so love having the kids all in one place, even if just for a few hours.

My guilde, the West Jefferson Heirloom Quilters, is doing a Christmas block of the month for this next year.  I actually had a hard time choosing fabric for some reason.  Absolutely nothing was appealing to me.  Typically I am a scrappy quilter but just was not feeling it for this quilt.  I had spent the day in the sewing room organzing...maybe my eyes were tired of looking at fabric??  NAH...that will never happen :-)
So anyway, this is the fabric that jumped out at me.  It will be planned with 3 different fabrics.  There is one gal in charge of the patterns so until we meet each month we will have no idea what the patter of the month will be.  Kind of fun.

Time to check the meatloaf and make a call to a friend.  I think I was a little snippy but there is alot on my mind.  Need to call and make ammends.  Thank goodness I have friends who are forgiving.....

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  1. Love the fabrics you are using.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx