Friday, September 24, 2010

One more block down

It's a warm and rainy day in Columbus.  It's about 90 but I believe this is our last warm day.  It sounds like it will be in the 70's from here out.  Fall is officially here which makes me want to drag the box of fall decor from the basement and set some cute things out. 
One more block for Robert's Floral Garden is done.  There should have been one more round on the "dalia" but I was tired of working on it, thought the blue was a nice last round so I covered the seams with buttons.  I like how it turned out.  Today was a quiet day.  Putted around the house, had lunch with a friend, ran some errands and had a few misty moments over my mom.  Won't do details here but things just don't look good, though I am trying to stay positive.  Anyway, losing myself in my quilt blocks helps to take my mind off things.
I have plenty of shows and movies taped from the past week so I think this weekend will be one to stay home, veg, watch some tube and work on my Orion's Star which is in the frame.  I am almost done and with the chilly weather coming it will be a wonderful work of art to snuggle under.


  1. A beautiful block, Maggie.


  2. Looking good, girl...warm thoughts for your Mom...

  3. Its Beautiful:-) Thinking of you.... Deb