Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beautiful Day

No new pics to post this morning.......but it sounds like a beautiful day is in store for us.  I was going to have breafast outside this morning but it's actually too cold!!!!
Plans for today to spend time in the basement.  First I want to find the tote of fall decorations and bring them up to be set out. will be to get the sewing room organized.  My basement is split, one side is a finished family room........thus it is my sewing room.  The other side is unfinished and is the laundry room and storage.  I don't really care what that side looks like as long as it is cleaned and functional.
However, the sewing room needs an overhaul!!!  I bought shelving so once I get it put together I think the process will be that much easier.  Then I can get to sewing again.  My quilt guild is doing a Christmas block of the month so I need to have that done before the next meeting......which is in 2 weeks.

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