Sunday, September 26, 2010

Overcast Sunday

Well it is an overcast day in Columbus.  At first my kids did not really want to deal with Sunday family dinner due to FOOTBALL.......then that idea passed but somehow I am cooking the entire dinner??   Good thing I had enough burger thawed out (was making myself a meatloaf for the workweek) now they will get my meatloaf, fresh greenbeans that had been in the freezer with new potatoes and cornbread.  Not too bad for a last minute throw together and I so love having the kids all in one place, even if just for a few hours.

My guilde, the West Jefferson Heirloom Quilters, is doing a Christmas block of the month for this next year.  I actually had a hard time choosing fabric for some reason.  Absolutely nothing was appealing to me.  Typically I am a scrappy quilter but just was not feeling it for this quilt.  I had spent the day in the sewing room organzing...maybe my eyes were tired of looking at fabric??  NAH...that will never happen :-)
So anyway, this is the fabric that jumped out at me.  It will be planned with 3 different fabrics.  There is one gal in charge of the patterns so until we meet each month we will have no idea what the patter of the month will be.  Kind of fun.

Time to check the meatloaf and make a call to a friend.  I think I was a little snippy but there is alot on my mind.  Need to call and make ammends.  Thank goodness I have friends who are forgiving.....

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Where did the day go?

Well today ended up being as beautiful as I thought it would.  It was really good to just putt around doing nothing.  Had a few "moments" but all in all it was a good day.  I spend alot of time in my sewing room trying to organize more.  It's amazing how fast the time can go when doing that.  But a HUGE bag of trash went out and that was good.  I had a desk in the room which my son removed for me 2 weeks ago.  As I no longer use a desk top computer it seemed pointless to have it down there when that space could be used for more quilt organizing. It's amazing how much junk was on and in the desk that you think is important until you stare at it for awhile.  All of a sudden you realize you don't need most of it and off to the trash it goes :-)  yeah.... I bought a new shelf, put it together and all projects (that I could find) have a home on the shelf.  All "want to make" projects have the pattern and fabrics for it in ziploc bags, now I need to find a large tote to put those in and it will have a home as well.
In between organizing I talked to Ann for about 2 hours...yeah we chatted :-), the sun finally warmed up the patio enough that I had lunch and dinner on the patio while reading a good Danielle Steel novel.  I love her work. 
As I am tired from all of the above it's time to cozy up with a good movie (DVR'd 4 today) and do some work on Orion's Star.
And the good news is that the bad news stayed out of my brain for awhile.  That was the blessing of the day.

Beautiful Day

No new pics to post this morning.......but it sounds like a beautiful day is in store for us.  I was going to have breafast outside this morning but it's actually too cold!!!!
Plans for today to spend time in the basement.  First I want to find the tote of fall decorations and bring them up to be set out. will be to get the sewing room organized.  My basement is split, one side is a finished family room........thus it is my sewing room.  The other side is unfinished and is the laundry room and storage.  I don't really care what that side looks like as long as it is cleaned and functional.
However, the sewing room needs an overhaul!!!  I bought shelving so once I get it put together I think the process will be that much easier.  Then I can get to sewing again.  My quilt guild is doing a Christmas block of the month so I need to have that done before the next meeting......which is in 2 weeks.

Friday, September 24, 2010

One more block down

It's a warm and rainy day in Columbus.  It's about 90 but I believe this is our last warm day.  It sounds like it will be in the 70's from here out.  Fall is officially here which makes me want to drag the box of fall decor from the basement and set some cute things out. 
One more block for Robert's Floral Garden is done.  There should have been one more round on the "dalia" but I was tired of working on it, thought the blue was a nice last round so I covered the seams with buttons.  I like how it turned out.  Today was a quiet day.  Putted around the house, had lunch with a friend, ran some errands and had a few misty moments over my mom.  Won't do details here but things just don't look good, though I am trying to stay positive.  Anyway, losing myself in my quilt blocks helps to take my mind off things.
I have plenty of shows and movies taped from the past week so I think this weekend will be one to stay home, veg, watch some tube and work on my Orion's Star which is in the frame.  I am almost done and with the chilly weather coming it will be a wonderful work of art to snuggle under.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Robert's Floral Garden

It has been a beautiful week in Columbus.  I had lunch with the family and the remainder of the day has been spent relaxing and working on this top.  It has been in the works for a few years now so I am excited that it is almost complete.
These are the last 2 applique' blocks.  The remaining 2 blocks are pieced..still not sure why he does this in his patterns but I am sure there is a method to his thoughts.
I was not sure if I was going to do the pieced blocks but have decided to do them I am hoping by next weekend they are done and the assembling can begin.  Each block will be bordered in a gold/yellow fabric and then sashing will be scraps that are left over from all the blocks.  Should be interesting.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Robert's Floral Garden

Well, one more block is done and another is in the works.  I thought I only had 2 more blocks to go and actually had 4...ugh!!!  Although, there is light at the end of the tunnel as those 4 blocks do not look as complicated as the past ones have been.  I hope today is as pretty as the past few have  been.  If the wind dies down a little I may do the last blocks on the patio with some ice tea and sunshine!!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Sew Day

What a BEAUTIFUL day in central Ohio.  The AC was turned off yesterday and it's COLD today.  Temp registers 70 in my house!!!! 
Had a great day with two friends, Deb and Denise, came for a day of sewing.  I completed the final bits of one block for Robert's Floral Garden and go a second one started.  I think I have 4 blocks to go and can then start setting them...yeah...........will post pics soon.