Friday, July 2, 2010


Well this past Monday was the last of a 4 week cake decorating class.  First week was cookies, I missed the second, third was cupcakes (which flopped at it was so hot and the icing basically melted but the taste was good)........fourth was a cake...........pictured here.  Took the pic with my phone camera so the pic may not be great..........but the cake was yummy.  Chocolate with cherry filling and buttercream icing.

Back to quilting and relaxation......what a PERFECT day for it. The weather could not be more perfect ....


  1. What a lovely cake! Sounds like a recipe I wouldn't mind having as I love chocolate - hint,hint - LOL.

    Congrats, Mags

  2. OMG it looks delicious. I just want to have a piece.

  3. Thanks ladies....Biance...more than likely I will have one to share the next time I see you :-) was SO hard to make....
    Duncan Hines chocolate cake mix
    Bake the layers, when you stack them place a can or half can, however much you desire of canned pie filling, top with other layer and ice.
    I pipe a ring of icing around the inside edge of the bottom layer to "corral" the filling so when you place the top layer on it does not ooze the ring will help you ice the cake w/o getting the filling goo in the outside icing...then decorate if you want to.