Sunday, July 4, 2010

Grandmothers Fan.........finally done!!!

Well the Grandmother's Fan is DONE!!!  Pics are below.  I have to say I am very pleased with the outcome.  I have not officially measured it but from the looks of it laying on my queen bed I would say it is a generous queen or would fit nicely on a king.  And per my dear friend the label is on it is DONE!!!  My stitching may not be perfect but I am smitten with the way it turned out.  As the fabrics are originals and not repo's I would really like to find someone to do an appraisal.  I saw the same fabrics in a top at a quilt show several years ago.  Unquilted, just the top alone, was appraised at $850.00 so I am pretty curious as to what the completed product would net.  Not that I could part with it, not now at least.  I want to enjoy it for awhile.
Having breakfast with my dad and extended family, SIL, kids, their better halves and Hunter, who celebrated his first birthday this weekend.  Then I think the remainder of the day will be spent relaxing...........and thinking of the next quilt project to complete.  I am on a roll to complete those projects that have been hanging around.  Maybe Robert's Floral Garden is next???????



  1. you've got my vote, I am a traditionalist the "old" patterns. Gorgeous quilt!

  2. it looks great (quilt) and so does your patio