Friday, June 25, 2010

Connecting Threads Warehouse Rummage Sale

Or.........whatever you want to call it, that's what it seemed like to me! Made 2 trips, second was more productive than the first as more fabric was available and there were only 2 people there.
Went with Frannie the first time and pretty much picked out some neutrals. Went back later withe Denise and added some color to the stash :-)
Our  pics are below...........I added 10 pounds of fabric, I think Denise bought maybe 3.5.


  1. O what fun you must of had!!!! (and yes,I green with envy!)

    Enjoy your finds!

  2. Yes we did. I would highly recommend it to anyone. I am SO glad it was not too hot yesterday. It is perfect for those who can deal with a little warmth for about an hour, if that, and a crowd, depending on what time you go. It is not even necessarly for "scrappy" quilters. I saw women sitting on the floor foldind, measuring and digging for more. You could do planned quilts as well, if you know going in what you need.

  3. It looks like a great deal. I might have to plan a Road Trip next year. I looks well worth the drive.

  4. Absolutley, Frannie and I did lunch then strolled over. It was a little crowded and I did not go prepared with ice water!!! When Denise and I went back there were only 2 people so the air was flowing, but still warm. I would advise leaving all but your check to give in the car. Too much bending to hang onto a purse. You can do planned quilts as well. We saw plenty of women sitting on the floor folding fabric to make sure they had enough. As I am mostly scrappy I just snatched colors I liked. No rhyme or reason to them.
    I live about a mile from the warehouse..great places to eat and enjoy a girls day.
    Denise and I sat and chatted until almost 9pm.....very enjoyable day!!!

  5. Okay, Mags - next year please remind us about 6 months in advance, so I can get a plane ticket, plan my trip and get there for the sale. Can I bum a ride with you to the warehouse. I'll even provide lunch. Sounds like you had a ball!

  6. I am not sure we know 6 months in advance. So for now plan on this time next year end of June on a Friday afternoon. Don't buy a plane ticket yet, just put it on the calendar and of course silly rabbit you can bum a ride. It's not that far so if I am ready to go home and anyone wants to sit and fold, measure etc...I can leave them there and come back for them later. Or I will take a good quilt mag to read and's all doable. Let me check around to see if dates can be discovered. They could probably do this every weekend for a month, maybe 2 and not run out of fabric.