Saturday, May 15, 2010

Orange quilt

The orange quilt is out of the frame, the quilting is DONE.  The goal this weekend is to get the binding made as well as sewn well as clean, do laundry etc....
A morning spent with Frannie and Pat netted a great lunch with friends, good movie and my stack n wack being cut out......time to start working on that as well.  I was scared to death to make that first cut as one wrong move and the fabric will not take on the design you want.  We laid out the blocks to take a peek and I do believe it will be stunning.  A typical stack n wack is made from bold bright colors, a picture of my fabric is a few posts below, some were skeptical that the muted colors would not work so well but I think it will be stunning.

My dad is in town so we'll do a family  dinner tomorrow evening.

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