Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day weekend

While in Kentucky enjoying a family reunion my brothers, sister in law and I stopped in town to take photos at the memorial park where a brick was placed with my dads name and dates...though he did not serve long he did serve .  We also took a pick of the memorial wall where my grandfather and some other relatives are listed from WAYYYYYYY back when.  Imagine my surprise when I walked away, looked to my left and there stood the biggest quilt block I have ever seen on of course I had to share and remember those who have fallen for our right to freedom.

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  1. Thank you so much for your lovely memorial day posting. I wanted to share with you my blog posting of today because it is very relevant. Right now I am visiting my daughter who lives in a sweet little town in England. Her husband is in the United States Air Force and they are here for three years. It was my pleasure, well actually my heartfelt duty, to find a special place here today at the Abbey Gardens and honor all those who served their countries.

    Please take a moment and take a peek.
    Thank you.