Monday, May 31, 2010


The grandmothers fan is back in the frame.  I am REALLY trying to force myself to leave it in the frame until the quilting is complete.  It has been probably 5-7 years in the works and it is time it is done and snuggled under or sent to a new home.  Not sure what is going to happen to it yet.
The picture below is a close up of the plaque in KY that my grandfather's name is on.  A full picture of the wall is in the post below.  I never did get to meet him  but I am proud of him for serving his country in WWl from 1917-1918.  There are also two other relatives listed but I am not sure what relation they were, I need to research that.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day weekend

While in Kentucky enjoying a family reunion my brothers, sister in law and I stopped in town to take photos at the memorial park where a brick was placed with my dads name and dates...though he did not serve long he did serve .  We also took a pick of the memorial wall where my grandfather and some other relatives are listed from WAYYYYYYY back when.  Imagine my surprise when I walked away, looked to my left and there stood the biggest quilt block I have ever seen on of course I had to share and remember those who have fallen for our right to freedom.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Scott's Orange Quilt...the final product!!

Well it is finally done!!!  I do have to admit that once I started actually quilting the top it started to take on a new life and I almost like it.  Scott loves it but then all three boys love all of mom's quilts.  He took it home with him today.  Posted is a picture of him and his happy smile.
So now the frame has the vintage 30's grandmothers fan back onto it for

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Nothing exciting to report for the week.  I finished my first stack n wack block but the batteries are dead in my camera........I think I would like to get a few more blocks together before posting more anyway.  The orange quilt is coming along and it is sort of my priorty a the moment so that I can be rid of it :-)  I think the child has waited long enough for it.  The binding is on so now I am just going along the edges and tidying up where the edges are butted against the frame and can't be stitched.  It's something I can do in the evening while watching a movie.  I hope the entire process will be over by the end of the week........or maybe even tomorrow if I can get some chores done and sit for a movie or two.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stack N Wack Blocks/Fabrics

The fabric is cut......pretty scarey.  Pic 2 shows the main fabric as a whole, pic 1 shows all blocks cut, stacked and ready to sew, pic 3 shows one block laid out.  Frannie, Pat and I were so excited to see what one would look like.  A little of the "effect" will be lost in the seam allowance but I think all will be ok in the end.  Now to some domestic chores so I can sew with a clean mind and a clean house :-)

Quilting Completed

This is Scott's orange is out of the maching.  TJ had to of course check it out, as usual.
Binding needs to be cut and made today.

Orange quilt

The orange quilt is out of the frame, the quilting is DONE.  The goal this weekend is to get the binding made as well as sewn well as clean, do laundry etc....
A morning spent with Frannie and Pat netted a great lunch with friends, good movie and my stack n wack being cut out......time to start working on that as well.  I was scared to death to make that first cut as one wrong move and the fabric will not take on the design you want.  We laid out the blocks to take a peek and I do believe it will be stunning.  A typical stack n wack is made from bold bright colors, a picture of my fabric is a few posts below, some were skeptical that the muted colors would not work so well but I think it will be stunning.

My dad is in town so we'll do a family  dinner tomorrow evening.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday May 12

One more work day completed.........with a big plop of yellow mustard hitting me square on the front of my blouse ............and I had a 4pm hiding that big blob of yellow on a white blouse!!
Still trying to do a little work each evening on Scott's orange quilt.  I want it DONE and out of my frame, hopefully while the evenings are still cool enough that he can enjoy it.

It is about 3/4 of the way done.  The the binding will go on and it can go away.  I must say, I did not like it and the pic above really does not do it justice.  I left the frame in the middle of the living room floor last night when I was done.  I came home from work today and walking through the back door..I have to really is pretty.  The side that is completely quilting was face the door............the stitches really do make an ugly quilt pretty :-)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day flowers

From my family:

Monday May 10, 2010

My kids made Mother's Day so very special yesterday.  I asked for time and a movie with all of them and I got it........along with so much more.
No pics to post today as I did not make any progress on anything other than the "orange quilt"..I had plans to work on other things but I am tired of seeing this one in the frame. I am ready for it to be done and in my sons hands.  So no more partial work on ANYTHING until this one is done.  I think maybe a weeks worth of quilting (by hand) and it can be removed so the binding can be added.  I think a brown binding will just make the colors pop and come to life.............because right now it is NOT my favorite work of art but it's what the kid wants.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Stack n Wack Fabric

Well my trip to Berlin for some quilting fun found this bag of fabric coming back home with me.  I have been wanting to do a stack n wack quilt. I have seen 3 or 4 done and they are SO PRETTY!!  However I am not into bold and bright colors.  I decided on this floral print in burgany and green.  Hopefully I made a good choice.......can't wait to get it started.  I seem be like a surgeon with a scapel in his had for the first time...I find I am afraid to cut.  The fabric is SO beautiful and I am so afraid I will cut it wrong and the blocks will not come out right............I plan to read and reread the directions.

Bullseye Project

This is a bullseye swap I am working on.  There are 48 blocks completed but I think I will do at least 35 more.  When I first the pattern on paper I did not like it and actually thought it an ugly quilt.  Ann made one and I FELL IN LOVE with it.  It is just so colorful and "fun" I had to have one....of course.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday 5/3

Had a GREAT time at a quilt retreat this past weekend. I got alot done on my Carolina Christmas but no pics yet as the puzzle has not yet started to go together.  I did get a pic of another Christmas challange quilt I am doing with Frannie.