Saturday, April 3, 2010


Well my quilting buddies, not much is going on in this household today.  I had big plans to get some spring cleaning done on the patio, in the house as well as the quilt room.  Time to clean out those unfinished projects!!! I have many things in many phases and I bet most can be used as Christmas gifts this year...if I get them done.  BUT I feel too crappy.  Took my son to the hospital for a procedure yesterday, felt like crap most of the time there, started running a fever later and coughing which makes my head feel like it's rady to explode and still feel crappy much for accomplishing things inside and outside today!!!!
Been trying to do a little work on Scott's quilt, since I am mostly sitting, but that's not going so well either.  Tried to surf the web and that's not so good either.  I just want to sleep.  Is that so bad on a nice day???????
And tomorrow is's a good thing my oldest son Eddie loves to cook.  I think he'll be pulling it off this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh, I hope you are better now, Maggie. My family went through something like that and it took them 2 weeks to get better -and a friend it has taken her 6 weeks.

  2. Much better thankx. Fever finally broke. I got so hot I was just lounging in my birthday suit (not a pretty picture at all) sweating out the fever. Went to the kids today, had breakfast/brunch with all of them. Hunter did his first Easter egg hunt and he was only interested in eating the eggs once he found them (with a little help from mommy and daddy)...they were all going to play board games while the baby napped I bailed to come home to the couch and jammies..........