Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ann's Quilt Top

This is a top given to me by a dear friend, Ms. Ann Fry.  I loved it from the moment I saw it.  I just love all the colors/scraps of fabrics.  She was not happy with how it turned out so I inheritated the top BUT I have to quilt it myself.........which is OK with me.  There is no better gift than a quilt from a quilting buddy!!
There are two pictures posted, one of the entire top and one close up to show the colors of the blocks.  All scrappy.  I love it and cannot wait to get it quilted.  I will cherish it.  Thank you Ann.

Hunter's Star Quilt

This is a quilt made for my grandson, Hunter William Colley.  The pattern was suggested by a quilting buddy, due to the name of my grandson, so the pattern fit and thus..........this is the result,

Friendships Links Top

This is a top made from 2.5 inch strips of fabric that were swaped with some quilting friends. The top is pieced but still needs quilted.  I have NO idea when that will happen.  Some day..........


Spring is trying to break loose here in Columbus, Ohio.  I was "told" by some friends that I needed to update my blog :-)
Nothing much has really been going on around here.  Just enjoying the first signs of Spring.  The greenery of the flowers are starting to burst through the soil and mulch.  Daffodils are actually up and looked so pretty peeking through the little  bit of snow that fell Thursday night.
I do have some quilty updates to make and will post pics as soon as I find my camera bag.  Had to pack up alot of things for the painters and carpet guys to come.  Having both done at the same time was like packing to move BUT it looks so much homier and cozy here.  A great job was done and the place is really pretty now BUT I am not unpacked...but I am also in no hurry.  It's been too pretty outside to be inside unpacking.  Trying to get the health in order, enjoy a few quilting retreats and wait for Spring/Summer to arrive so the patio can be opened up to enjoy ice tea and a good book in the sunshine.