Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowed in/Orange Quilt

It's a snowy weekend in Columbus, Ohio.  Without stepping outdoors to snap a pic with a ruler I would say there is maybe 7 inches of snow. It's pretty deep but beautiful!
Which prompted a day of making cookies for my son (for his birthday), laudry, almost cutting my finger off making chicken salad and FINALLY the orange quilt top is done!!!  It has not been quilted but the top, after several years, is finally complete.  I cannot say this was one of my favorites to make but birthday boy wanted orange, all orange.  I tossed in some cream and brown to offset so much orange.  The pic is taken in the basement with so/so lighting.  In the daylight it really is kind of pretty.  I have discovered, over the years, that most quilts take on their life and beauty once they are sandwiched and quilted.  I hope to have a pretty scrappy back completed and it sandwiched before the weekend is over.


  1. Margaret,

    It is really nice. I like the different shades of orange you used.

  2. Oh, orange is one of my must have colors! It's hard to find orange fabric.

    Looks great, Maggie
    AngieN QOR

  3. Thanks ladies. It was not my favorite quilt to make but it grew on me. I had it laying on the floor putting the sections together. Went outside with Ann, we looked at it through the window and it sure was pretty from afar. Still not a fan of orange at all but the kid will like it.