Sunday, November 29, 2009

Carolina Christmas Quilt = In progress

I decided to take on the challenge of Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt.  I chose my colors....they look kind of bland by the phone camera but they really are kind of pretty.  It will be scrappy reds, greens, creams and a gold to pull it all together.  No fabric has been purchased (so far).  All fabrics are coming from my stash so it will be pretty scrappy.  I did not want to do Christmas fabrics as I have other plans for that stash.


  1. Hi, Maggie - I am doing it too. But mine is going to be a small version. Trying to use up stash pieces. I really like her quilts. Look forward to seeing yours,
    AngieN of QOR

  2. Thanks Angie...I can't wait to see the fabric combinations everyone comes up with.

  3. I like your fabric choices for Carolina Christmas. I started it on Saturday but have too many time driven projects to go back to it yet. Keep pluggin' away on it -- that's my plan too. And, as ANudge said, I'm trying to make a small version too. Starting by making half of every clue. I may cave in and make a big one cause then I could have a Christmas quilt for a bed. Time will tell!