Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nothing new to mention today. It's a BEAUTIFUL day in central Ohio today. Too nice to be inside. My mom is visiting from TN so I have been making sides today for a family cookout this afternoon...........fresh green beans did not get made but the tray did......deviled eggs, different types of cheeses, crackers, cantaloupe and strawberries..yum!! Not to mention burgers and dogs. I do love a dog from the grill!
No new pics to post but then again I don't have a dog like Ann does to chew the camera. I just plain out lost my cord and yes, it was cheaper to buy a new camera but then again..........with a new baby I considered that a well as a new cam corder :-)

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  1. love the smell of the crisp cool air! Sept. and Oct. are my favorite months!
    Hang in there! I pray that all will straighten out with your thyroid!