Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nothing new to mention today. It's a BEAUTIFUL day in central Ohio today. Too nice to be inside. My mom is visiting from TN so I have been making sides today for a family cookout this afternoon...........fresh green beans did not get made but the tray did......deviled eggs, different types of cheeses, crackers, cantaloupe and strawberries..yum!! Not to mention burgers and dogs. I do love a dog from the grill!
No new pics to post but then again I don't have a dog like Ann does to chew the camera. I just plain out lost my cord and yes, it was cheaper to buy a new camera but then again..........with a new baby I considered that a well as a new cam corder :-)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Completed Top

Yeahhhhhh it is finally complete. Well per Ann, it's not complete until the label is on. I need to do that today and THEN it will be complete :-)
This is a project I started 5 years ago. The blocks are hand pieced (appliqued') and hand quilted. It's totally scrappy from my scrap box. The only fabric really purchased for the quilt is the cream background, brown for the scallops and 9 patches, and backing. The rest is from scraps.
The 9 patches are machine sewn by Frannie. We bartered for some applique' blocks she needed done. I did her applique' and she machine stitched the 280 (can't remember how many) of those little 3 inch 9 patch blocks!!! I would never have got them all done and the design would not have looked the same without them. Bartering is a quilters best friend.

Completed top, finally after 5 years