Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunny Day

Not much going on. Celebrating birthdays this weekend. Hunter is one month old today. His grandma, great grandpa, Uncle Eddie and Aunt Sheena all aged this weekend with him :-) Had a cookout with everyone yesterday and headed to lunch with most of them today. Quilting is coming along, will post more on that later ......


  1. Oh goodness, that is the cutest baby and the funniest picture! i have seen lots of spectacles rested on a baby's noses, but i never saw such a funny and darling pose as that one. Someone could send his grandma to Hawaii and buy his parents a big house and then pay for his own college education with the royalties from that mug-shot :]

  2. LOL That is too funny! What a cute little guy, just hope he doesn't have to wear glasses too soon! Enjoy them while you can. I miss having small grandkids, but I am going to be a great aunt in Sept. and in March, so guess I had best get quilting!